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Posted on 8th Jun 2015 by Ryan

Good Afternoon.

After just over 9 years running Refresh Creations Ltd, developing over 500 websites in the process, I've made the decision to fade out the amount of web-work I'll be undertaking, in order to persue other career interests.

Come the end of June (Friday the 26th) your main point of contact will be with the lovely people at Switch Computer Support, whom I have had the pleasure to work with during recent years and have been slowly getting more involved over the last 12 months, they are certainly capable of dealing with your requests for updates, new websites to be designed and other such requirements.
I will still be on hand during this transition and on a consultancy basis via Switch Computer Support for a time.

I've worked with their new developers over recent months and can safely say that their code is up to the standard which I strive for myself, in terms of security, readability and general quality.

Any existing projects will be completed before the handover date, but new project requests will be being handled by Switch.

So how will this effect my website currently?

In short, it won't.

Your websites will still reside on the same server, no change there.

Your domains are still going to be in the same place as they are currently and there will be improved support for your websites with a team of developers available to you in the future.

So, who do I contact about my website and how?

You can get in contact with Switch Computer Support via the following methods:
Email: create@switchsw.com
Phone: 01803 550198
Alternatively you can still send emails to this address and use the same phone number to get in contact as any emails / phone calls will be redirected to Switch Computer Support.

As for me?

It's been a fun 9 years and I still hold much of the passion for website design that I did way back in 2006, I'm now looking forward to creating digital games by working on setting up a new company to persue indie game development as well as begin work on a couple of solo-project websites.
It's going to prove very exciting and whilst there's a little bit of nervousness there I'm quietly optimistic.

It's truly been a pleasure working with so many different people from across the UK on such a variety of websites and I would like to say a last thank you for choosing me for your websites and wish you all the best for the future.

Thanks again ;)

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