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When an out of the box solution isn't available and nothing can be suitably adapted

Bespoke website design is where a website is designed to be uniquely different to other websites in existence and not simply created using a standard design template or package. When websites are designed from scratch, you are in a position to implement your ideas from the get-go and work with our designers to bring your dream website to life.

Custom web based applications are developed using PHP and MySQL. For your free quotation contact us about your project.

Case Study - Repeat Text Generator

When I was at School if you misbehaved or didn't hand in homework on time invariably the punishment handed out was to write out a sentence or phrase multiple times as Bart Simpson is shown doing on the opening titles of The Simpsons.

This gave me the idea of building a simple website that could do all of the hard work for me where data is input, checked to see that it meets the requirements and is then output to be printed or copied.

Little did I know that this silly little web page would generate around 300 to 500 hits per day. As a basic concept this proves that by offering something for free you can generate traffic to your website which at a later date can be modified to produce either a revenue stream or increase in web traffic.

The image below shows how the website appears on search engines with keywords linking to real Google search results.


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